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Interested in becoming a part of the team?
Want to help make something amazing happen in Santa Cruz? 

Below are some of the ways you can join the journey!



We always have stuff to do! From taking tickets at events, to repainting walls- the fun never ends! The more the merrier. Got any special skills you could contribute? Please don't hesitate to share them!

Art With Us

Got art ideas? Let's bring them to life! Whether you are a musician, painter, tightrope walker, or you've never created art in your life, if you want to try or share something, this is the place. Contact us below to get info about Creative Commons, our Monday night collaborative art incubator and chillspace!

Materials Drive

We are always in dire need of materials. Many of us spend hours on the internet or in dumpsters looking for treasure that could be used in our next art project. Contact us to let us know what you have! We'll accept a lot of different things like art supplies, signage and even old hardware that you might consider to be junk! 


Patrons get access to behind-the-scenes art designs, insider info on [REDACTED], advance ticket purchases, and a 20% discount on all of our artist-made merch!


Whether you are already a Liminal community member, a local art lover that wants to see more, or live 1000 miles away and want to be a part of this movement, hit the Patreon link and join the journey! We truly can't do it without you!

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