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From our small art meetups on Mondays to huge art-immersed dance parties, we aim to bring the community together in a way that is unique and powerful. We carefully curate our spaces with local musicians and DJs, interactive media, installations and paintings, community art, dancing, as well as spaces for healing and learning- creating a vibrant space for the community to come together and take something home with them. 

Below, you will find our events calendar, past event flyers, and our event photo gallery. 

To learn about how to get involved with events, click "Get Involved" in the link above, or come to our Monday art meetups!

Upcoming Events & Tickets

We are in recovery from our last event.

Upcoming events will be announced soon! 

Our Last Event:




Prepare yourself for an immersive art festival like nothing you have ever seen before. Being given one last day to embody the Circle Church, the Liminal Space Collective is pulling out all the stops to bring you an incredible night of collaboration, experimentation, inclusion, immersion, installations, interactive art, vendors, live music, fun, food, and connection. A moment to ground us by what we all share, to truly embrace the impermanence of existence, and create alongside each other. This is what the artists and art lovers of Santa Cruz have been waiting for. Over 100 artists have come together to share their dreams, collaborate, and make those dreams a physical reality for you to explore within, be inspired by and contribute to. We are unveiling an entire reimagination of the space, the art, and the experience, an entirely different universe to explore since Northern Lights back in January. With a vibrant street market, three stages and multiple experience rooms with live music, you’ll find yourself dancing through different worlds as you engage with the interactive spaces of the Circle Church. Try something new. Doodle on paper. Indulge in creative dining. Collaborate on a canvas, collage, or clay. Make art with the artists that created this Liminal Space while it still stands. Everybody that attends is a crucial part of the art! Come join us March 25th and be a part of a monumental gathering that Santa Cruz, and the art world as a whole, will remember as a moment in history when the impossible was made possible. This may be the Liminal Space Collective’s last hurrah at the Circle Church, but if you join, support, and make this festival the historic moment it can be, we may prove to the world that Santa Cruz is a town FULL of creativity, and the Santa Cruz collective art scene will continue to grow and thrive into the future. Grab your brush and let’s create history, together at Liminal Space Impermanence. Are you in? Line and Stamping - 4PM Festival Begins - 5PM Festival Close - 11PM Liminal Space is an inclusive space, open to individuals of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, genders, and sexualities. We are a safe space for people of marginalized communities, BIPOC, and people that identify as LGBTQ+ Follow our project on Instagram:





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